Kaltash Wawa

Alex Code, Manager of the PoCo Heritage Museum, has joined our weekly learning sessions and has demonstrated a remarkable facility with Chinook Wawa. (See Alex’s video Sametl here).

He has also learned the script used for the Kamloops Wawa newspaper that was published in the late 1800s and early 1900s and was widely read by native people in the interior and to some extent on the coast.

Alex and friends have published a humorous version called Kaltash Wawa (Kaltash or Cultus means ’not very good’).

Alex says, “Recently a few of us have been learning Chinook Pipa and I’ve been trying to help encourage others to as well. This spawned the “Kaltash Wawa”, a bit of a spoof of the Kamloops Wawa. See the attached page. It’s also probably riddled with errors, but good practice for the alphabet.Let me know what you think!”


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